A client for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered.

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Dedicated Servers

H1-Mod features a dedicated server browser so that you may find the exact game you want to play in.

Scripting Support

Integrating the official scripting language used in Call of Duty for basic mod support.

Controller Support

Full controller support with the option of aim assist.


Server List

Join any dedicated server with the new server browser! Offers a easy experience to find community-ran servers that can be any map or game mode.

Unlock All

Unlock every single item in the game to use whenever you want.

In-game Console

Use commands that enable you to fine-tune your experience in-game!

Ranked Multiplayer

Earn XP and level up with working challenges, medals and Combat Record!

Auto Updater

Automatically updates your game without you having to leave the game!

and more!

We've added a lot of fun stuff such as bouncing, elevators, cheat commands (noclip, godmode, etc.), and support to make custom content/materials!