Q: How can i change my name?
A: To change your name, open the console tab (press ~ key) and do "name cool_name".

Q: Can i play H1-Mod if i have the game from steam?
A: Yes. We recommend using Steam version of MWR. Read the Install Guide for more information.

Q: Can i play with Steam players?
A: No. We are completely seperate from Steam services.

Q: How do i change my FOV?
A: Here is an complete tutorial here!

Q: How can i report cheaters?
A: You can directly report them to the server owner(s).

Q: Should i compile shaders?
A: If they are properly populationg, then yes.

Q: Should RTX users compile shaders?
A: Most RTX users have problems compiling so we don't recommend it.

Q: How do i unlock everything on H1-Mod?
A: Read the unlock guide.

Q: I always get "Error Registering Material" error in console, how do i fix that?
A: This console print has nothing to do with the game and can be ignored.